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Cailloux Précieux by Olivia Fortier. Englightened Objects exhibition that took place from July 7 to July 9th in Paris.

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Julia Crane

Julia Crane is a mixed media artist from the UK who recently graduated from a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree at Falmouth University. She produces conceptual work that explores forgiveness and the process of forgiving.

Baptiste Jurand

Baptiste Jurand is a young autodidact photographer. He begins at 18 years old, following the acquisition of his first Reflex camera.


Fufu is a French artist based in London. She instantly fell in love with art at a young age and used it as a  refuge from reality. Amazed by Japanese animation and its ability to express emotions; she started exploring different ways to portray feelings. Through her work, she wishes to showcase vulnerability and deep but yet subtle sensitivity.

Cham Lavant

After a degree at the National School of visual arts of Cambre in Brussels, she joined the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 2015 where she will realize her diploma exhibition in december 2019. Her work is invented and created in every space she encounters. 

It is often articulated in the deployment of images created for a particular place. Her artistic practice develops around installation, video, photo, drawing, sculpture, performance, and writing. Mainly there is the body. It is like a mast raised by marine and terrestrial fluids.


Bellange, a painter with a dreamlike and colorful universe. 

For his second series of art pieces exhibited with Elios Gallery, he takes hold of brushes and colored pencils to embark on a journey of introspection through dreams and the unconscious mind.

Méana Oval

Méana Oval advocates for a design that brings joy to your everyday life through colorful projects. Omi - her range of self-produced objects - is an illustration of her universe: a reflection around shapes, colors, and patterns as well as work that combines handmade, computer-aided design, and machine management.


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About us

We are two friends who met in New York with the same passion of art. We used to go to many galleries openings there and in Paris. At some point, we had the desire to build our own gallery and bring our touch to it. With Elios gallery, we want to give the opportunity to young artists to exhibit and make art more accessible.

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