Test the water

Test the water, painting by Loulou Wang

Acrylic on wood
Signed on the back
Unique piece

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Dimensions 14 × 18 cm

Loulou Wang

Loulou Wang


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Loulou Wang, a Chinese artist, graduated from Pekin Art school and Cergy Beaux Arts, is an expert in calligraphy.

Test the water which was inspired by her holidays in Marseille with bright colors and a warm atmosphere. It depicts the different staging of entering the water and how you confront your fears and needs courage in this situation. This is a reflection of life and how in each new adventure we are facing the unknown and need courage to move forward. 

Our show on October 15th 2023 was the first time the artist showed this kind of work and we are really happy that we showed it publicly. 

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